Managing Mage Set Bonuses

Things were easy back when Naxx and Tier-7 gear were your only option, but now with Tier-8 (and Tier-9 very near on the horizon), suddenly mages have some tricky decisions to make!  This guide to set bonuses analyzes the value of the 2- and 4-piece set bonuses to deep fire, frostfire, and arcane mages.  Check it out here on WowConfidential!

Also, my apologies for the lack of recent posts.  I try to only write posts when I actually have something to say, so naturally there are going to be stretches where I simply don’t!

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3 Responses to “Managing Mage Set Bonuses”

  1. Arranf Says:

    Will there be more posts?
    3.2 is out and there is a lot to say!

  2. Karch Says:

    There will be more posts at some point! Patch 3.2 didn’t change anything fundamental with mages – rotations, specs, and glyphs for all raiding specs are still the same. I will certainly write something about the new raid instance, but with only one boss available currently, I can’t put anything thoughtful together.

  3. Arranf Says:

    You can comment on scaling and now with conquest drops I’m sure you can put together a ‘wish list’ for new dinged 80 mages as well as comment on the mana efficency of speccs.
    Your Arcane guide has lacked an update since 3.09!

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