Arcane Mage Patch 3.2.2 Guide

Sorry again for the lack of updates.  Here is my updated Arcane Mage Guide for Patch 3.2.2!

This covers talent points, glyphs, cooldowns, rotations, and everything else you need to play an arcane mage effectively!


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3 Responses to “Arcane Mage Patch 3.2.2 Guide”

  1. kunu56 Says:

    nice reading ,thanx
    will link it to my site :

  2. Tiraas Says:

    It is a shame that it is on wowconfidential the guys who always reply to these articles are EJ nob heads.

    Great work Karch,

    I always love your guides it is always good to get a guide like this every so oftan.
    I have been a mage since US beta and I never consider myself beyond guides like these as it always involves alot of work on your part and it is always nice to appriciate the trouble that you have gone to.

    Have you stopped updating to this blog completly?

  3. Martin Says:


    I was wondering if you’re interested in a (paid) writing assignment on mages in world of warcraft. If so, email me. Thanks.

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